In the 18th century America had

The Great Awakening

In the 19th Century America had

The Second Great Awakening

In the 20th Century America had

The Jesus People Movement

In the 21st Century America needs a

Second Jesus People Movement


Just as every soldier in the army needs basic training that includes more than how to shoot a gun, Christian Soldiers need basic training that includes how to witness for Jesus Christ, how to share compelling Christian evidences, and how to answer the questions posted by skeptics (or at least know there ARE good answers).

Please consider four audio mp3 albums as supplements to the basic training at your church. The set (about five hours of training) is titled, How To Share Your Faith -- If You Don't Have the Gift of Evangelism.”

Every believer should be be trained.. BUT it is an imperative that you train your young people.. They have personal contact with many doubters and skeptics.. With proper training, your young people can reach many of them with the Gospel and compelling Christian evidences.

A strength of this training is that believers can listen to these Mp3 albums over and over again on their iPod, Smart Phone, Tablet, or PC, during exercise time, drive time, or whenever.. The set of four albums has five hours of training.

CLICK HERE to listen to the opening ten minute message in the first album, and you will want every member in your church to listen to it.

As an early staff member of Campus Crusade for Christ (now CRU), Bob Prall, the speaker on these mp3 files, personally witnessed to hundreds of college students in coffee shops on campuses in eight states, and he lead a staff team to launch its ministry in three states. When He left CRU's staff, Bob continued to witness to students as the pastor of Grace Bible Church, a few blocks from Texas A&M University.

Bob has met personally with many skeptics when they could cross-examine him after he shared the Gospel and Christian evidences. That includes students at the University of California at Berkeley, UCLA, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Duke University. So the content in Bob's albums has been tested and refined. Much of what he has learned is in this set of four audio mp3 albums. They are titled:

How To Share Your Faith

Understanding Bible Prophecy

The Resurrection – His and Yours

Yes but FAQ's – answers for skeptics

The priority is to teach believers how to share the Gospel and present compelling Christian evidences. But it is also important that your young people know that there are good answers to the questions skeptics will use to challenge their faith if they attend a secular college, or have a discussion with a skeptical atheist.

One of the hardest FAQ's to answer is often expressed, You say God loves us, and is all powerful.. How could an all-powerful, loving God allow evil and suffering?” CLICK HERE to download Bob's eight minute answer in Yes but FAQ's.

Another question (responsible for many students dropping out of church) is expressed, Why do you believe in God? After all, science has proven that evolution is true, and the Christian theory of an Intelligent Designer is unscientific.” Bob's answer in Yes but FAQ's exposes the atheistic philosophy and censorship that promote and defend evolution. Since it is longer, it is divided into three parts. CLICK HERE for part #1, CLICK HERE for part #2, CLICK HERE for part #3. In part #2 Bob's “oyster theory” uses a little humor to explain why many scientists are atheists.

To encourage participation, the How To Share Your Faith album can be purchased for only $2.97. After listening to that album, the other three albums can be purchased as a set for $7.97. Or a believer can start out by purchasing the complete set of four albums for only $8.97. While the last three albums are good training tools for believers, they assume a listener may be an unbeliever. So each of those albums can also be given as a gift, at a cost of only $3.97. Click the link below a title to purchase:

A set of all four albums for only $8.97

How To Share Your Faith – $2.97

A set of the next three albums – $7.97

Understanding Bible Prophecy – $3.97

The Resurrection – His and Yours - $3.97

Yes but FAQ's – answers for skeptics - $3.97

Digitally these albums are small, so they can be kept in an iPhone, Tablet, iPod, or PC for future review again and again. Each album has from 75 to 80 minutes of training, and they are all divided into tracks for easy review. Every believer who wants to help fulfill the Great Commission can be effective when sharing the Gospel and Christian evidences. It just takes time and commitment.

Great Commission Business Cards

It is not possible for a believer to sit down and present the Gospel to every person they meet. These cards are like cyber-tracts (each card has a web page that presents a more comprehensive explanation of the Gospel than a small paper tract can), and they can include an invitation to visit your church.

Your church's members thank people every day for various reasons. Getting them to also give someone a card and to say, “Thank you. I think you will enjoy reading this card.” will only take a few seconds a card. For some believers, giving people cards will be their first step to be a witness for Jesus Christ.

If a church purchases at least 5,000 at a time, the cards will only cost about one and a half cents per card. If a church is committed to the Great Commission, that is a very small part of their budget. The link below includes samples, information on how you can add your church name and web address, and how you can get free pdf files with color and crop marks ready to be printed:

If your church does not provide you with Great Commssion Business cards, your can purchase 100 for $14 or 200 for $22.50. Info at:

An antidote for the Church Drop-Out Syndrome

It's Bob's observation, after meeting personally with many college students who grew up attending church and have departed, that there are three primary reasons many drop-out:

1. Many do not really understand the Gospel. Some had faith in faith, instead of faith in Jesus Christ and what He did for them on the cross.

2. Most have never seriously considered the evidence that Jesus was and is the Messiah promised hundreds of years before He was born, and that the evidence for His bodily resurrection is rock solid.

3. Many depart when their weak faith is shattered by questions that are posed by skeptics. And since they do not have good answers they wrongly assume there are no good answers.

Witnessing is teaching. Many students will have a better comprehension of the Gospel and Christian evidences after they teach it to some skeptics.. And when they share Christian evidences with agnostics and atheists, and at least know there are good answers for their questions, students will find out how strong the evidence is that verifies the historic Christian faith.

The mp3 files Understanding Bible Prophecy (see the note below), and The Resurrection – His and Yours (irrefutable evidence that Jesus Christ is our risen Savior) focus on Christian evidences that verify the Gospel. Yes But FAQ's answers some of their most effective questions skeptics use when they challenge a believers faith.

NOTE: The Understanding Bible Prophecy mp3 album does not emphasize eschatology. Rather, it focuses on the historical context for prophetical evidence from the Old Testament that verifies that Jesus Christ is the promised Messiah, the eternal Son of God -- our Savior. After presenting the Messianic evidences, it does explain that Israel (having been scattered all over the world in fulfillment of prophecies), will have been regathered back to their promised land when Jesus returns. In light of current events, that gets the attention of many skeptic's. A longer version is in Bob's eBook, The Master Plot of the Bible. It only costs $3.77 from Amazon. More information is at:

If you have doubts about the value of Bob's mp3 albums, please read the testimony from an article in Moody Magazine about Bob's ministry in the life of a Duke University student. It is at:

At 80 years old, Bob does not have an organization anyone can join, and he does not compete with other ministries for donated dollars. His ministry is funded by eBook and mp3 album royalties.

Bob's eBooks are titled: The Master Plot of the Bible, As You Are Going.. Make Disciples, Word Dynamics, and You Can Have a Great Date with God...He Has Spoken...His Tomb Is Empty.

The last title is for a three chapter $1 eBook, and includes some of the information that is in the set of audio Mp3 albums. The first chapter is in Amazon's free trial, and includes a printed version of the presentation I include in the How To Share Your Faith audio album. So it will help reinforce the training at minimal cost. Bob would offer the complete eBook at no cost, but he had to price it at $1.00 to get Amazon to deliver it. It's also a good evangelistic gift (more information below).

The Master Plot of the Bible can be also an antidote for theB.A.D. Syndrome – Baptized And Departed.” It will lay a foundation for new believers that will help them catch-up with the believers in your church who have long-time Bible knowledge. For some, understanding the Old Testament context for the New Testament will help them know the Gospel is true -- instead of just hoping it is true. It's a good baptism gift for new believers. ($3.77 from Amazon)

The eBook version of As You Are Going.. Make Disciples includes extra chapters that work like flash cards to help a Christian Soldier memorize 130 Bible verses that focus on the person and work of Jesus Christ. So these Bible verses can also be memorized using a smart phone. It also includes some of the same information that is in the set of audio Mp3 files, but teaches from the context of real life stories.

Information about Bob's eBooks and other evangelism tools is at:,

Bob Prall M.Div., is an Author, and Evangelism Encourager

PO Box 73486, Houston, Texas 77273